Did you know that obesity is considered a chronic and progressive disease like blood pressure or diabetes? Did you know that obesity is more than what you eat and how you move your body? Obesity is very complex and has many factors that may cause it, including genetics, medical conditions and even the environment.

Our packages are designed to help you explore and identify the areas that may impact your weight, including everything from how you manage stress, sleep and self-care to how you manage other areas of your health, including mindfulness, fitness and nutrition. Therefore, we work with clients to determine the why, what, and how for a lifestyle change and how to make those changes sustainable, realistic, long-term, and ENJOYABLE! Our approach is to work with you step by step on strategies that ensure you are creating behaviour change and not following another “quick fix.” Want to learn more about our approach? Book a FREE 15-minute discovery call with one of our Registered Dietitians today!

Are you:

  • Ready to stop yo-yo dieting?
  • Looking for healthy, sustainable behaviour change without feeling like you are on a “diet”?
  • Tired of quick fixes and weight gain?
  • Wanting to improve your health or manage any health conditions.?
  • Hoping to improve your relationship with food?
  • Looking for some support after having had bariatric surgery?

Then these packages are for you!


Our packages are designed to walk you through a journey of self-reflection, exploration, knowledge and skill-building, as well as help improve your confidence and ability to manage your health over time through the continued support from your team!

The following are the packages we recommend for those seeking help with obesity.

These packages are put together to give you an understanding of the wellness journey we will help you navigate. Learn more by booking a FREE 15-minute discovery call with one of our Registered Dietitians. Our team can help you improve your current health and develop a plan that is individualized to YOU!





Initial Nutrition Assessment


2 Body Composition Analyses

9 Follow-Ups

(25-min each)**

8% Savings




Initial Nutrition Assessment


3 Body Composition Analyses

24 Follow-Ups

(25-min each)**

10% Savings

* Package timelines may vary
** Follow-Ups can be combined to make a longer 50-min session


Package Add-Ons


What is My Viva Plan?

We set out to build one program that combines the best parts of the many digital health tools on the market. My Viva Plan® is a meal planner, reflection and progress tracker, workout builder, lifestyle resource library, and more, all in one application. We are so confident in this program that we included it in all our nutrition packages to help you meet your goals. My Viva Plan® is also available on its own in a monthly or yearly subscription.

Have questions?

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