Sports Nutrition

Nutrition for Athletes

Fine-tune your training and elevate your athletic performance with specialized sports nutrition counselling. Our team has experience coaching individual athletes and teams from the recreational to professional level. Our sports Registered Nutritionists will help you with:

  • Hydration and supplement strategies
  • Periodized nutrition based on your training program
  • Planning your race-day nutrition
  • Recovery nutrition
  • Organizing catered meals designed by chefs
  • Body composition improvements
  • Meal planning
  • Travel nutrition


Sports Nutrition Packages

Before getting your heart set on a specific package, keep in mind that our nutritionist services are catered to every client individually. When you walk through our doors, we create a custom package that suits your lifestyle and personal needs to get you to a healthier version of yourself.

These packages are put together to give you a better understanding of what to expect from a nutritionist. In order to see what will work for yourself, book an initial consultation with us and we will be able to put together a package that suits you.




Initial Consultation

1 Body Composition Analysis

Personalized Sports Nutrition Plan

1 Nutrition Plan Review Session

1 Follow-Up



Initial Consultation

1 Body Composition Analysis

Personalized Sports Nutrition Plan

Nutrition Plan Review Session

3 Follow-Ups




Initial Consultation

2 Body Composition Analyses

Personalized Sports Nutrition Plan

Nutrition Plan Review Session

9 Follow-Ups


Body Composition Analysis can be added to your package at $50 per test.


Have questions?

Visit our FAQ page to find answers to common questions we get about nutrition services!
Did you know that registered dietitian services are a part of many health benefits plans? Check with your benefits provider to see if you have coverage available.