Hi, I'm Brandon. I help athletes go faster and stronger

Brandon's story:

A few years ago, I began distance running. I started to recognize the power that nutrition had over my physical body and how what I ate affected my performance as an athlete. Over time, I also noticed the power that nutrition had over the emotional and psychological aspects of my life as well. These realizations fascinated me to no end and led to an intense desire to pursue a career in nutrition. Helping people recognize how nutrition is intertwined in their lives and how small changes in their behaviour could have a tremendous impact on their health is what led me to start my dietetics career at Revive Wellness. The Revive Wellness team is like a family to me and I can’t imagine being anywhere else. On a daily basis, I get to share my passion with my clients and am fortunate enough to educate other individuals through presentations, panels and other speaking engagements.

5 Years with Revive

I am passionate about:

Competitive Athletes

Adolescent to adult, elite to professional.


Manage your appetite or make your kitchen ADHD friendly.

Vegans and vegetarians

Learn how you can become plant-powered!

People wanting to gain muscle

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ADHDers lost with how to eat

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Competitive athletes

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