Weight Management

Long-Term Weight Loss

Long-term weight loss is a journey we know can be a struggle. Our service goes beyond a quick-fix solution—we’re here to help you develop lifelong healthy habits, and most importantly, a positive relationship with yourself and the food you eat. Our unique, personalized approach uses one-on-one nutrition counselling, meal planning and body composition analysis and starts with an initial assessment to better understand where you are and where you want to be. Contact us to take the first step!

  • Achieve and maintain your weight goal
  • Learn healthy habits that will last you a lifetime
  • Receive the support you need from your registered dietitian


Weight Management Packages

Before getting your heart set on a specific package, keep in mind that our nutrition services are catered to every client individually. When you walk through our doors, we create a custom package that suits your life and personal needs to get you to a healthier version of yourself.

These packages are put together to give you a better understanding of what to expect from a registered dietitian. In order to see what will work for yourself, book an initial consultation with us and we will be able to put together a package that suits you.





Initial Consultation

9 Follow-ups

My Viva Plan - 1 Year Digital Treatment Plan

2 Body Composition Analyses

(Before and After)

8% Savings






Initial Consultation

24 Follow-ups

My Viva Plan - 1 Year Digital Treatment Plan

3 Body Composition Analyses

(Before, Halfway and After)

10% Savings




Body Composition Analysis can be added to your package at $50 per reading.


Covered by Insurance

Did you know that many group benefit plans cover registered dietitian services? Check with your provider to see if your next appointment at Revive Wellness can come at no cost to you and your family. FAQ: Does my benefits plan cover the cost?