Energy and General Wellness

Long-term health and wellness is a journey we know can be a struggle. Our service goes beyond a quick-fix solution and we keep our packages simple to understand while geared towards a sustainable path to taking control of your health. Learn more


Chronic Disease Management

When you’re dealing with a chronic disease, nutrition may be the furthest thing from your mind. However, nutrition is an important part of managing disease and minimizing symptoms. Learn more


Weight Management

Did you know that weight management (whether weight loss, weight gain or maintenance) is more than what you eat and how you move your body? Weight management strategies are unique, complex, multifactorial, and not addressed with a short-term fix! Learn more


Gut Health & Allergies

Since everyone’s symptoms and tolerances differ, our dietitians empower you to understand what foods work for you and make you feel at your best. We work with you to create a customized approach, allowing you to avoid reactions and enjoy foods while meeting your nutritional needs. Learn more


Prenatal & Postnatal

We know that while pregnancy is an exciting time, it can also be overwhelming to deal with the steep learning curve. Our team is here to offer you support every step of the way and ensure that you and your little one are as healthy and nourished as possible. Learn more


Pediatric and Family Nutrition

Our registered dietitians will help you learn how to feed your child the right food they need to grow well and develop lifelong healthy habits. We can teach you how to have enjoyable mealtimes as a family and stop the mealtime struggles. Learn more


Sports Nutrition

Fine-tune your training and elevate your athletic performance with specialized sports nutrition counselling. Learn more


Body Composition Analysis

Body composition is key to tracking progression and change over time in lean tissue versus body fat. At Revive Wellness, we measure body composition with a bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) which can be added to a package or purchased on its own. Learn more



We are excited to offer a genetic test kit for personalized nutrition developed by leading researchers in the field of nutrigenomics. Based on the results, a registered dietitian can guide you to eat more–or less–of certain foods in order to decrease your risk of developing heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and related health conditions. Learn more


Chef Cooking Sessions

The talented chefs at Revive are now offering virtual cooking sessions! Learn about what type of sessions we offer here.


Psychology Services

We are proud to partner with the Eckert Psychology & Education Centre to increase our clients’ access to registered mental health care professionals.

The Eckert Centre has a diverse team of professionals who offer various services beyond individual counselling, such as ADD/ADHD assessments and family counselling.


Personal Training

Fitness is another key part of overall wellness, and our partners at SVPT Fitness & Athletics are the leaders in this field.

My Viva Plan

Better mental and physical health starts with self-care. We give you the right self-care tools with My Viva Plan® – our proprietary digital program that combines the three pillars of health: mindfulness, nutrition and fitness. Manage chronic illnesses and maintain whole-body wellness. Learn more