2017 Food Trends

The New Year brings new food trends for 2017. People are becoming more aware of the food they eat and its quality, processing and source. Consumers are also looking for more information about what they are eating. Nutrition, sustainability and authenticity are on the forefront of people’s minds. With this overlying food trend on the rise, we are sure to see these food trends to follow.


Faux Foods

Faux foods are foods that are disguised to look like something they are not. These foods rise in popularity comes with the rise in popularity of vegetarian and vegan diets. They are food made to look like meat but made entirely of vegetables and/or non-meat proteins. Companies are investing more into technologies to develop faux foods in order to please our herbivore friends.

Even carnivores are jumping onto the faux food trend! Due to the low saturated fat content of faux foods, and their minimal environmental impact, all types of people are eating this trend up. In 2016, the meatless burger that was created to look as if it was cooked medium rare was huge and the trend continues to grow into 2017. More non-meat, meat products are showing up along with vegetarian butcher shops, where they sell products like beet burgers and coconut bacon.


Zero Waste

A trend that will be pop up in 2017 is the elimination of food waste. Chefs are looking for ways to include all parts of the food they cook into their menus. Chefs have always tried to reduce their food waste in the kitchen, but this trend is about finding ways to incorporate the waste into actual food items. This involves practices like including carrot tops in recipes, or making a product from the juice collected from canned chickpeas.

People are also starting to use “ugly” fruits and vegetables. These produce are of equal quality as the produce you find in your grocery store, they just might not fit the specifications that the grocery store holds. Whether it is too small, or a funny shape, they all taste just as good. Also, this trend has forced consumers to be more likely to go for fresh foods rather then processed and packaged foods. They are grocery shopping more often, to ensure freshness and minimal waste. This trend is a great one for the environment and overall health so let’s hope it progresses throughout the year.


Sardines and Goat

When you think of surf in turf, I’m sure sardines and goat aren’t what pop into your head. However, sardines and goat are two of the biggest restaurant food trends we will see in 2017. Sardines, once known as an “old person” food, are coming back in style. This retro dish is getting a second chance – new and different flavours are being released. Sardines have health benefits as they are a source of omega-3s, and are very high in vitamin B12 and vitamin D.

Goat is also finding its way onto menus these days. It’s a lean source of protein that is high in flavour. This meat, which is traditionally found in ethnic cuisine, is trickling over to more trendy and fine dining cuisine. Chefs are going back to their roots and goat is coming along for the ride.


Chocolate for Breakfast

It’s true! One of my favourite food trends of 2017 is replacing your morning cereal with a little dark chocolate for breakfast. There have been recent studies brought to the public about the health benefits of cocoa including its cognitive health benefits. Whether or not this information is true, people are bound to climb aboard the chocolate train and make this trend happen. Don’t be surprised when you are out for brunch this New Year and are offered a dessert menu. However, too much of a good thing, is not that great. So, take this trend in moderation this year. It’s okay to indulge every now and then, and have your cake, but be mindful of the fat and sugar content of your treat before you start making it a daily ritual.

We’re excited to see these items popping up this year!