Where Your Food Comes From: ACME Meat Market

For this edition of where your food comes from we are spending some time to get know the incredible owners of ACME Meat Market. Although my husband frequents this butcher shop, this was my first visit to the establishment which was established in 1921, and has been under the tender care of Corey and Amanda Meyer since 2008. Within the first 5 minutes of entering Acme Meat Market I quickly realized that Corey is not just passionate about meat in general, but especially values the quality as well. They are a prime example of a local establishment seeing as almost all of their products come from farms within a few hours’ drive of their shop. You can select any piece of meat and he’ll tell you who the farmer was and how the animal was raised. For instance, most of the beef and lamb comes from Tofeild, pork and boar from Wetaskawin, and chicken from Viking.

Talking to Corey, it is evident that they are not just about providing high quality of meat available to their customers, but also ensuring they are buying from farmers that follow best practice, encouraging good quality feed, no hormone or antibiotic use, and proper treatment the animals overall. Corey even said you can taste the difference between and animal that has been raised happy and healthy, versus one who has been stressed and poorly fed. For any of you readers who are interested in Grass Fed Grass Finished (versus Grass Fed Grain Finished), Acme sells it at no additional charge -however it might be helpful to place an order in advanced as it sells out quick.

Another reason we love Acme so much is because they make their own sausage in house with no nitrates, and most are gluten free. Since the sausage are made weekly there are always making different flavours and combinations, and although they are already very lean, you can make a special request to reduce the fat content even further. This is great option for some quick protein at breakfast!

The store has everything you could want from a butcher (and yes they butcher most of their own meat):

    • High quality meats
    • Fresh ground meat, leaner then you can buy in a grocery store
    • Custom orders
    • Different meats including boar and alpaca
    • Nitrate free and gluten free jerky
    • Nitrate free and gluten free sausage

Acme also partners with some of our other favourite local spots including Ocean Odyssey and Prairie Mill Bakery (well be visiting them soon). They have also been a partner with the Riverbend garden share CSA for the past 3 years. This can be a one stop shop in the summer!

If you haven’t been, I highly recommend you check out this great local butcher for some high quality protein that has been raised in a sustainable manner, and of the highest quality for your family, the animals and our environment.