Fitness Ideas for the Whole Family

As you are enjoying the sun and fun that comes with August, with kids out of school, family holidays and summer commitments, your regular fitness routine can easily fall to the wayside.

So how can you keep on top of your fitness routine during the chaos of summertime?  Make it a family affair!  Pick an activity and aim for 30-60 minutes with the whole family. There is no reason you should be sitting on the sidelines while the kids have all the fun– join them!

It may not be the routine you have set up for yourself, but this is life and sometimes life throws you curve balls, and you must duck and weave a little.  These activities can still ensure you are staying active, raising your heart rate, and above all else, having some fitness fun with the family.



Be a kid, and play some tag, or frisbee—no rules, just fun.



There are many options available with open neighborhood parks: soccer, tennis, touch football, baseball, basketball, road hockey, etc.  Grab some other neighbourhood parents and kids and get everyone involved to make it a bi-weekly thing.



Head to your city’s website and find trails within the city and explore a new one each week. Alternatively, find some trails outside of the city and make a day adventure out of it.



Indoor or outdoor—check out what your local recreation centre has to offer or find a local beach for another day adventure. You can also play some games on the beach after a swim.



Explore new trails in and around your city or take a day trip to areas around the city. The bonus is getting out into nature with the family. Make a list of items the kids need to find on their hike to make it more fun.



Simple but effective! Take a walk around your neighborhood and try to make it a routine after dinner.


With all these summer fitness options you will be challenged by being taken out of your fitness routine and definitely will not be bored. The best part is you will create some great family memories.


By Shara Vigeant, BA, NSCA-CPT*D, CFSC

SVPT Fitness & Athletics