7 Office Gifts That Aren’t Chocolate!

The holiday season is a time in which we like to extend our gratitude to our colleagues and customers for all their support and business over the past year.  One of the most common ways we show thanks is through giving and sharing food.  While sharing food and treats is a tradition every culture embraces, it can often be overdone. As a result, we end up eating too much and wind up feeling not-so-great afterwards.

Many of our clients have expressed that they dread the winter holidays as the sweets, chocolates, and pastries start to stack up in both the lunch room and at home.  Temptations are hard to resist – especially when the treats are sitting right in front of us! I am sure you have had a few of those treats even call out your name!!

Treats have a place in each of our lives, but excessive treats usually don’t leave any one of us feeling great come the New Year.  We thought we would come up with a list of alternative gifts to chocolates and pastries that you may want to consider giving this year:

1. Calendars with inspirational/humorous quotes or beautiful pictures

2. Gift certificates to restaurants – Use it to towards a team lunch!


3. Flower arrangements – A nice Christmas bouquet is always a big hit!

Photo by Adrian Scottow / CC BY 2.0

4. Fruit arrangements from Edible Arrangements

— Add in some dark chocolate covered fruit if you wish for a little something extra!

Photo by Edible Arrangements

5. Specialty coffee/tea baskets


6. Assortment of nuts

— You can add in some dark chocolate covered nuts for the occasional indulgence!

Photo by Adam Wyles / CC BY 2.0

7. Donation to a charity of your choice

Photo by Sheila C. / CC BY 2.0

These are just a few ideas for your Christmas shopping list.  My favourite gift of all: a hand-delivered, hand-written Christmas card – and guess what, it’s calorie free!!!

Do you have other great office gift ideas that are not chocolates or treats? Let us know in the comments section!

November 13, 2014