How To Start Eating More Meatless Meals

In a previous blog, we talked about a few of the many reasons why including Meatless Mondays in your routine is beneficial, but now the question you may have is: how? We have a few strategies and ways of going about this that make the task much less overwhelming.

A simple way to introduce yourself to plant proteins is to try just one each week. For example, try one kind of bean for one week, try tofu the next week, and try seitan the week after that. Have a taste of all the different beans, lentils, and soy products on the market, then you can find which ones you like. This may persuade you to try foods you have never tried before, and if you end up enjoying them, they can introduce more variety into your meals.

Start small by substituting plant-based proteins for meat in your favourite recipes such as lasagna, soup or pasta. It’s an easy place to start as many of these recipes will work with a simple swap of meat alternatives in place of meat.

Green lentils – great as a ground-beef substitute

Beans, chickpeas, and peas – perfect for casseroles, soups or salads

Tofu – excellent in stir fries and with rice noodles

Explore our recipe section for meatless options that are simple and delicious.


By Brandon Gruber, Dietitian