Let’s Do Our Part to Fight Covid-19

We live in an amazing country and have an amazing healthcare system that up until this pandemic has been here to support each of us when in need. But the reality we are faced with today is that our system now needs US. It needs us to look after ourselves because our system can not look after each of us all at the same time. It is simply an impossible ask.


This may initially scare you which I can fully appreciate, it scares me too. I am going through this as well. BUT as a healthcare professional here is what I know to be true.


We each have to step up and do something that may seem ridiculous at a time like this. But, we all must look after our own self-care: calming our mind, eating balanced, exercising and getting adequate sleep. Are you thinking: seriously lady, that’s what you’ve got for me? I just got laid off, can’t pay my bills or I am an employer and my revenue has completely disappeared in the last week and I can’t pay my staff or vendors and this is what you say to me?


Really though, what exactly can we do individually about this damn COVID-19 virus? As much as we all want it to go away and resume life as normal that is not our reality at this time. So if that isn’t an option then what?


Do we start stealing food from the most vulnerable, do we start having fights in the grocery store because someone took the last can of beans, steal a young woman’s shopping cart that was full of groceries not for her but a vulnerable senior who is in isolation and can’t get his own groceries. Or buy up all the toilet paper because toilet paper is somehow going to relieve the symptoms of a respiratory virus! COME ON CANADIANS!! We are Canadian and we can do better than this!


I am angry at this virus, but irrational thoughts and behaviour are simply not going to help any of us. They are cumulatively going to cause all of us more anxiety, anger and depression than what we already feel.


There is so much we can do to help out and the first MOST important thing is to look after ourselves because our reality is that’s the ONLY thing within our control.


And if you don’t believe me look up some of Hippocrates quotes. I am not telling you anything new, I am just highlighting something that we have all taken for granted for far to long and that’s the POWER of self-care!


Somewhere along the way we have become so reliant on our healthcare system to take care of us that we forgot our role in the process. And it has literally hit us square between the eyes with this virus. We each have to do our part to look after ourselves which is going to support our healthcare system to be there for us if we really need it.


We each have the ability to do this, I can guarantee you that! I know the science well when it comes to self-care that’s the beauty of being a healthcare professional for over 20 years- I have witnessed it many times!


There is only one thing standing in our way. This may come as a surprise but it’s OURSELVES! Yup that’s right, we have gotten so dependent on our system to take care of us that we forgot what our role is.


Hippocrates said, “If we could give every individual the right amount of nourishment and exercise, not too little and not too much, we would have found the safest way to health”.


Not too little, not too much… pretty simple but powerful message isn’t it.


He also said “If you are in a bad mood go for a walk. If you are still in a bad mood go for another”


Our brain and our body need balanced nourishment to function properly. We also need exercise to vent our frustration, calm our mind and keep us physically strong. We also need sleep to restore our body mentally and physically.


When we don’t do these things we simply will not be feeling well mentally and physically, and we will behave in ways that will cause us and everyone else in our path more chaos.


Have you seen those construction site signs that say slow down my dad works here? Well picture a sign that says please help us and it’s a picture of all the healthcare professionals all over this country that are working overtime to take care of people who truly need their help. We can all help them by doing our part in looking after ourselves.


I will leave you with a final quote from the old guy,” The natural healing force within each of us is the greatest force in getting well”.


So let’s all put our Canadian-big-person pants on and get to work on taking care of ourselves!  We are Canadian Strong! Let’s show COVID-19 what we are made of!


Loreen Wales,

Registered Dietitian & CEO

Revive Wellness | My Viva

March 19, 2020