Meal Prep Introduction

A great way to regain control of your eating habits and overall balance in life is by meal planning and prepping. You don’t need all the fancy cookware or elaborate recipes, and meal prep doesn’t need to take up your entire weekend. In our meal prep category, we have recipes that you can make a large amount ahead of time and have delicious and healthy meals for your whole week. These recipes are not complicated and don’t take long to make. You will be surprised about how much time during your week you are freeing up by meal planning and how much better you’ll feel eating healthy meals more often, instead of popping out to grab something quick.

Some tips for meal planning and prep:

  • Check the weather, if it’s going to cool down then plan accordingly. Try making something comforting that you are going to crave later in the week, rather than a fresh spring salad.
  • Make a shopping list and stick to it. You are more likely to stick to our plan this way. Also, try doing your shopping right before you do your cooking for the week. You are more likely to continue momentum and be excited to prepare your meals for the week.
  • Don’t overdo all the chopping; if you are planning on eating something that requires 6 cups of onions, use a blender or food processor and make this step fly by and avoid the carpal tunnel.
  • Be strategic about your freezer meals. Only freeze things that are tough enough to handle the freezing and thawing process. (we have noted in our recipes freezing times if necessary)
  • Finally, keep it simple. Meal prep is supposed to be fun and a de-stressing technique.  When you try to prep an overcomplicated dish for you week, it will have the opposite effect.


We will add a new recipe to this category every Monday, and hope you’ll join us on social media to share yourself prepping it!

January 21, 2019