Move of the Month from SVPT: Camping

Summer is all about the great outdoors, especially camping. It’s possible to be in the middle of nowhere with no equipment and still get your fitness on! Training your legs is the easiest with no equipment – squats, lunges, running, hiking.

Upper body tends to be a little more challenging with no equipment, but it’s not impossible.
Push ups are a go to upper body and core exercise. Find a picnic table or, alternatively if you are advanced, you can do from the ground. This Incline Push Up to Mountain Climber works upper body and adds some core as well, for more bang for your buck!

Keys to Success:
*keep elbows at 45 degree angle; from behind your arms and head should look like an arrow, not a “T”
*think about pulling your belling button to your heart or tucking the pelvies, to keep your spine neutral and get more core engagement
*the closer the feet are together, the harder it is; start with feet wider
*aim for 6-10 reps, for 3-4 sets


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