Move of the Month from SVPT Fitness: In the Kitchen

It’s easy to forget how important posture is when we are elbow deep in nutritional goodness in the kitchen. We preach good posture in training, when sitting in your car and at your desk, but we can’t forget good posture in other daily activities like cooking.

If you notice upper and/or low back pain and/or neck discomfort as you chop away or wash dishes in the kitchen, it could be from shoulders rolling forward and slumping (bad posture). This is from tight muscles in your upper back, or the thoracic spine. Most people tend to have thoracic mobility issues because of our lifestyles these days – sitting, texting, computers, driving.

A great exercise to help open up your t-spine is the quadruped thoracic rotation.  By sitting back into the hips, you eliminate the urge to rotate from the lumbar spine (lower back). Follow your elbow with your eyes and aim to only rotate from your ribs up. You may not get a huge range of motion, but this is ok because you are going to practice it and soon will notice how it improves your posture (and it feels great). This exercise will help release tension and improve mobility in your upper back, thus pulling your shoulders back.  Aim for 8-10 per side.


By SVPT Fitness & Athletics

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