Move of the Month from SVPT Fitness: Single Leg Deadlift

Unilateral, or one limb, training is very important in improving your overall body function and strength. The single leg deadlift is essentially a one-legged hip hinge that can improve balance, ankle mobility, knee stability, hamstring flexibility, shoulder stability (once progressed), and, of course, hip and glute strength.

First you should master a bilateral hip hinge pattern, before progressing to the body weight single leg deadlift with a reach. Once you have mastered body weight, you can add load or weights.

There are many progressions and regressions for the single leg deadlift which make it appropriate for all strength and fitness levels.

Keys to Success:
*before hinging, really plant the working foot into the ground
*as you hinge, keep the back leg straight while continuing to look at the ground, dropping your chest towards the floor
*keep neck neutral, don’t look up
*don’t lock out your knee
*keep your back leg straight, bend the front leg, maintain a straight line from your head to the heel of your back foot.
*aim for 4-8 reps per leg, for 3-4 sets

By SVPT Fitness & Athletics

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