Move of the Month from SVPT: Men’s Health

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We dedicate June to men’s health and will be blogging all month on the topic, sharing the top nutrients for men, BBQ tips, Father’s Day lessons, motivation and more.

June is all about the men.  And men do love to work strength!  But we are also about fitness that has more bang for your buck.  Why target only one muscle, when you can work multiple?

In the ½ Kneeling Curl to Press, you are not only working the strength of the biceps and shoulders, but also core stability because you have to resist from falling over and stabilize yourself.  You are also working single leg and hip stability.

Keys to Success:

*choose a weight that challenges you with perfect form; too heavy and you will swing on the curl and lean back in the press

*make sure your hips are in a 90/90 position – knee over heel, hip over knee

*envision being on train tracks; don’t take too wide of a stance

*aim for 4-8 reps per leg, for 3-4 sets






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