New partnership with Eckert Psychology and Education Centre

We are extremely excited to announce our partnership with Eckert Psychology and Education Centre. We believe this will be greatly beneficial for our clients to increase access to a team of registered mental health care professionals who can support them in achieving their wellness goals. Many of our clients at Revive Wellness are seeking to improve their lifestyle through nutritional counseling and fitness training. Yet, behaviour change is hard! Access to a psychologist who can support you in achieving your goals can make all the difference.

Eckert Centre has a diverse team of professionals who offer a variety of services beyond individual counseling, such as AD/HD assessments and family counseling. Here are just a few potential benefits of adding a psychologist to your wellness team:

Deeper Awareness of Food-Mood Connections:

A psychologist can help you build awareness about your relationship with food, emotions, life experiences, internal dialogue (self-talk), and patterns of behaviour. Some behaviours are sometimes part of a coping pattern that can run interference with your nutrition and fitness goals. Greater awareness of food-mood connections can be helpful to individuals who experience things like:

  • Compulsions to binge
  • A tendency to keep busy or distracted with things like work, sports, TV or various obligations

Shifting the Connections:

A psychologist can help you explore food-mood connections and work with them in ways that will increase the likelihood of meeting your nutrition and fitness goals. How?

  • Food connects with some core ‘psychological’ themes relating to safety, survival, belonging, etc. A lot of eating behaviour has very deep emotional roots!
  • Lasting change in a person’s relationship with food may require interventions at deeper levels than are accessible through strategies of behaviour modification. Psychological services can help a client ‘process’ those deeper levels, in addition to simply building awareness of them.

Supporting behaviour change:

A psychologist can help you explore any barriers to behaviour change, including barriers that involve significant others in your life:

  • Sometimes, it is a simple matter of finetuning. Everything is going relatively well, but something isn’t quite working.
  • A psychologist can support you in working with a relationship that is creating some kind of barrier in terms of your fitness and nutrition goals.

Clarifying and enhancing motivation:

A psychologist can help boost your motivation. If you’re someone who has worked really hard to meet your fitness and nutrition goals, but you feel stuck on a ‘plateau’, you may benefit from additional support.