Revive Team Fitness – Winter Edition

As we come into the winter season the Revive team wanted to share how we all stay active during the chillier months. You’ll find a wide variety of activities and some great ideas for activity both indoors and outdoors.


I stay active in the winter by strength training with my sister at an indoor gym. Scheduling time with my sister forces me to show up! I also stay active during the winter by playing on two indoor soccer teams. That team spirit keeps me motivated to improve my skills and keeps me accountable to my teammates.


My favorite way of staying active in the Winter is attending interval cardio circuit classes. The classes keep my cardio up throughout the workout while also providing training for strength, endurance, speed, and agility in all muscle groups. Of the many different fitness activities I’ve done over the years, I find this most impactful in helping me stay fit and keep my weight stable.


I like to do spin over at YEG Cycle, inversions classes over at Yogalife, and some snowboarding as well. I do these activities because they offer a wide variety of ways to get my sweat on both in and outdoors!


I am not a fan of the cold but if I approach winter with this thought process it makes for a long winter.  Instead, my husband and I wiped the dust off of our cross country skis a couple winters ago. We even go at night on the golf course with head lamps! We also do stairs, but only on the weekends after the sun has come up.


To keep me active in the winter months, I enjoy taking a hot or warm yoga class. When you are chilled to the bone, nothing feels better then warming up and stretching your muscles in a warm yoga classroom.


I have snowshoes for walking my dog in the winter. It’s a much better workout than regular walking and more fun! I also like to focus on being a kid – going sledding or skating or making snowmen with my nieces and nephews. Hauling kids or sleds up and down the hill is a great workout and builds lots of memories!


Aside from fitness classes and evening walks, I enjoy snowshoeing in the winter. It’s not only a tough and rewarding workout, but it gives you a new appreciation for the snow!


I personally find the easiest way for me to get my activity in on cold winter days is to do a structured class (mom and tots crossfit, Strollercise or pilates) where I can bring my daughter along with me. Without a scheduled time it’s very hard to get my workout in, but I’m a better mom when I do! Everything else is a bonus: a walk to the park, a 30-minute yoga routine for nursing mothers, playing with my daughter or mobility exercises. I find the best way to unwind at the end of the day is to do some stretching, yoga, or foam rolling.


In the winter I like to lift weights and run on an indoor track. The winter is the perfect time to rebuild some of the strength lost after a busy summer spent outdoors. Running on a track allows me to slow down and focus on endurance – when you’re running in circles it’s harder to want to run fast!

Let us know in the comments below what sort of activity you like to do in the winter!