Revive’s Homemade Gift How-To

Are you scrambling in these last few weeks before Christmas to check people off your gift list?

Would you prefer to save money, but still give a creative and individualized present to your loved ones?

Search no further! Delicious mason jar gifts will keep you within budget and show your creative gift giving this Christmas.

You’ll find a wide-mouth Mason Jars is more than just a neat container to store strawberry jam in. They are extremely handy in transporting fresh balanced meals like overnight oatmeal, yogurt parfaits, layered salads, and even soups! Additionally, the clear glass of a mason jar makes it a beautiful way to showcase the layers of your favorite dried ingredients in recipes such as homemade soups, granola, cookies, muffins, breads, and other delightful treats!

Steps to create mason jar gifts:

  1. Figure out the number of individuals on your Christmas list that would appreciate a neatly prepared mason jar recipe.
  2. Determine what recipe each family member or friend would appreciate.
  3. Purchase the mason jars from your local Superstore, Walmart, Home Sense, Michael’s etc. (You will not have a hard time finding festive, low-cost jars this time of the year).
  4. Purchase construction paper and curly ribbon from the dollar store. Go for festive colors like red, green, silver, gold etc.
  5. Type out the recipe ingredients with directions so that the gift receiver will know what liquid ingredients to add when preparing the food item.
  6. Cut out the recipe and paste it on colorful construction paper, cutting out a ¼-1/2 inch border around the recipe to add a pop of color. This will fortify the printed recipe’s thickness so that it isn’t just flimsy paper.
  7. Take a hole punch and punch a whole at one of the tip corners of the cut out recipe so that you can pass the ribbon through to tie it around the top of the mason jar. The ribbon should be about 10 inches long so that you can curl it with the edge of some scissors for added decoration.
  8. Layer the ingredients into the jar, making sure to shake the jar slightly after each addition to ensure that each dry ingredient addition is level before pouring on the next.
  9. Use a piece of paper to create a funnel. This made it easier to pour cups of flour, oats, nuts, and dried fruit without spilling all over the place!
  10. After you have finished loading up the layers of your ingredients, attach the printed recipe with a pretty ribbon and you are done!

Instead of spending a fortune you can create beautiful festive mason jar gifts in no time (for almost certainly less than a Starbucks Christmas specialty coffee)!

Some of Revive’s very own recipes work great as mason jar gifts:

Hemp Heart Bliss Balls

Pumpkin Seed Granola (Scroll down to #5 on the list)

Chickpea Gingersnaps