The Celery Juice Trend Reviewed by a Registered Dietitian

Celery juice has gained a lot of popularity within the last few months. A quick search on google tells us that drinking 16 oz of celery juice on an empty stomach every morning can provide us with many healing properties such as improved digestion, stable moods, clearer skin, weight loss, and even heal chronic and acute illnesses such as Hashimotos’s thyroiditis, high blood pressure, and autoimmune conditions.

As a registered dietitian, I make sure that what I recommend to my clients is backed by quality scientific evidence, and the current evidence behind celery juice is very minimal to none.

Celery in itself does have many health properties. For example, celery is a great source of many vitamins and minerals such as vitamin A, potassium, and vitamin K. Vitamin A is commonly known for helping with eyesight. It also has a role in our immune system and for proper skin function. Potassium helps to maintain our blood pressure, aids in muscle movement, and helps with nerve control. Vitamin K supports our immune system and helps keep our bones and blood vessels healthy. As with most vegetables, celery is also a great source of fibre. Fibre is beneficial for health in many ways. It can help with weight loss, as it helps to keep us full for longer periods of time. It also helps with blood sugar regulation and aids in digestive health.

So, then what about celery juice? When we make juice, we are essentially removing most of the fibre and all the health properties that comes along with it. Celery juice would therefore have limited amounts of fibre but would still contain the health properties of its vitamins and minerals.

My opinion on celery juice is that it is definitely not the “most powerful medicine of our time” like the internet is telling us. Celery should be included in a healthy diet as it does have many health properties, but I would encourage eating celery in its whole form to maximize the health benefits with the fibre. Celery can be included in meals or in many healthy snacks including raw vegetables with hummus, or celery with peanut butter. However, if you do enjoy the taste of celery juice it is probably not harmful to consume and can be included in a healthy diet. Be mindful that you most likely will not experience the outcomes the internet is telling you. If you are having celery juice, I would encourage you to add a protein and grain source, such as an egg with a piece of whole grain toast to help balance out your meal. A good thing to remember about fads like celery juice is this: if it sounds like it is too good to be true, it probably is.


By Katrina DuBois, Registered Dietitian (aka Nutritionist)

July 22, 2019