Where Your Food Comes From: The Tea Girl

The quaint little urban tea house on the corner of 124 street and Stony Plain Road has been in the Glenora Edmonton area for the past 15 years. The Tea Girl, formally known as Steeps Tea, is a charming and cozy place to drink tea in quiet or with a close friend.

I had a chance to connect with Sara, the owner of The Tea Girl. She explains that her inspiration to open up a teahouse stems from the concept that tea itself is an infinite learning curve to work with. With so many types, ingredients, preparations, and its multitude of warming influence it’s had on each person individually is brilliant. There is no end to leaning more about tea. One thing is undeniable, everyone in one way or another can relate to it… you can sit down to get to know a stranger or meet up with a familiar face both over a mug of steaming infusions.

Sarah explains that the ingredients that go into the tea blends are sourced from all over the world including countries like China, India, Japan and Sri Lanka. The tea leaves (green or black) and other ingredients (dried fruits, herbs, flowers) are blended together in combinations at more local Blenders in Calgary, California and Toronto. The blends are then packaged and sold with expertise as a local final product at The Tea Girl! Sarah explains that about half of the tea blends are infused with flavorings and perfumes that cater to more popular flavors. The other half of the tea blends, known as Estate Teas, are simply flavorful blends where all ingredients are naturally grown from gardens around the world.

My favorite is the Market Spice tea. I admit, this blend is currently the only one I have sampled so far, however the cinnamon and orange essential oils pronounced such flavor intensity! It has definitely lingered in my mind long enough to warrant a return visit later this week…
Where Your Food Comes From: Tea Girl | Revive Wellness Inc
Apparently I am not the only lover of the Market Spice! Sarah explains it is unfailingly popular throughout the seasons. Other blends that are trending this winter include spicy and warming teas, chocolate infused flavors, as well as nutty teas with ingredients like hazelnuts and almonds. Some of the teas smell so good you just want to eat them up! Luckily there is a selection of locally baked goods, cakes and deli-style sandwiches to enjoy along side your tea. Many of their baked scones, loaves and cookies are sourced from the St. Albert based gluten-free bakery—La Crema. They also sell delicious items originating from the Vienna Bakery that has existed in the Edmonton’s West end since 1959!

The Tea Girl

12411 Stony Plain Road NW
Edmonton AB T5N 3N3