The tool that helps clients with prediabetes and the prevention of diabetes

How a Registered Dietitian can use My Viva Plan to help clients with Prediabetes and Prevention of Diabetes:


Diabetes Canada has released some shocking or maybe not surprising numbers in terms of the risk and health of our clients. 1 in 3 people are living with prediabetes and diabetes, a new diagnosis of diabetes is happening every three minutes and a projection of 14 million people will be living with diabetes or prediabetes by 2027 in Canada. This means that there is a very likely chance that your clients are either at risk or have a diagnosis of a health condition.

We know that incorporating healthy behaviour change early on can not only delay the progression of a health condition but can actually prevent diabetes by 50% of the cases. As per the 2018 Clinical Practice Guidelines we know that when clients are provided with the proper tools and education that promote problem solving, decision making, goal setting, self monitoring, increase knowledge and ongoing support that it increases clients confidence and self efficacy around managing their own health.   Technology plays a role in this as well. As per the clinical guidelines “technologies, such as internet based computer programs and glucose monitoring systems, brief text messages and mobile apps may be used to support self management in order to improve glycemic control” (Grade A, Level 1 for type 2 diabetes).


How A Dietitian Can use MVP for clients living with Prediabetes or Prevention of Diabetes:

  • Clients have access to meal plans, meal balance, recipes as well as the flexibility to adopt their own meals but can also be tailored and changed to fit their needs with your guidance and support
  • Clients have access to learning material in a variety of forms (handouts, video, blogs) saving you time to use your appointments to focus on the client concerns and needs
  • Clients can reflect on their own health and identify areas that are improving and needing support with allowing you to be focused in your appointments on providing strategies and support
  • Clients can connect with a health support team including dietitians, psychologists and exercise specialists which you may not have access to in private practice
  • Clients have access to meditation, yoga and fitness videos
  • Clients also have the ability to set goals and reflect on them daily which allows the client to start taking charge of their own health
  • Clients have a 24 hour digital health tool that is affordable and accessible anywhere they are


When you look at the core lifestyle foundation and management of prediabetes or any health condition it is always on how we are eating, how we are moving and how we are managing our stress, sleep and mood. Our proprietary digital wellness tool – My Viva Plan – has the ability to help clients determine their meal balance, meal portions, cooking skills, yoga and activity as well as identify areas and be able to reflect on success, challenges and health goals. Developing lifestyle skills that are sustainable as well as the ability to be individualized set people up for long term success. Health conditions such as diabetes are chronic: meaning that we are managing them over a lifetime. Learning the tools to be able to navigate through lifestyle skills is a crucial piece to be able to manage health conditions successfully.


If you are wanting to talk to our team on becoming a MVP provider or needing support on using MVP with your clients please contact us today!