Three Reasons our Chef Loves the Farmer’s Market in Edmonton

Its spring time in Edmonton which means the community Farmers Markets are in full swing.  Edmonton has a few year round markets, but spring and summer mean they are popping up everywhere.  At your local farmers market you are likely to find everything from homemade perogies to handcrafted jewelry.

Early spring you are likely to find a lot of strawberries and rhubarb. And the veggies that are in season include asparagus, swiss chard, radishes and squash.  Later this summer you’ll be able to get tons of apples, and peaches and berries, along with the vegetables in season which include beets, cauliflower, and greens.

As a chef, I get most excited about the produce stands because they are always the freshest ingredients.  Most produce in grocery stores have to travel very far to reach us here in Edmonton.  But the produce at the market is usually grown right here in Alberta.

What is so wonderful about local farmer’s markets are the homemade treats you can get there and nowhere else.  Farmer’s markets follow different guidelines then restaurants and other food vendors.  They do not require a commercial kitchen in order to sell their product. This allows for the little Baba’s or the people who have a gift for the kitchen to create these special products to sell to us.  Usually you would only get these treats if you know someone and are invited over for dinner. But with the market environment, everyone get a piece of the pie.

This also, allows for everyone to experience different foods from different cultures.  You could stop by the Lebanese food stand and try a Warak Arish for the first time, or you could take home a Jamaican Jerk beef patty.

The options are endless at the Farmer’s markets here in Edmonton. Every trip is a new experience and a place to learn something new from the friendly vendors, or try out a new ingredient.


By Brittaney Semeschuk

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