A Plateful of Insights Episode 8: Top 10 Cooking Myths

Welcome, culinary enthusiasts and home chefs! In the latest episode of “A Plateful of Insights,” Brandon had the pleasure of sitting down with the delightful Chef Lisa, whose expertise in the kitchen is only matched by her passion for debunking the many myths surrounding the art of cooking.

In Episode 8, titled “Top 10 Cooking Myths,” Chef Lisa takes us on a flavorful journey through the common misconceptions many believe to be gospel in our cooking routines. Here’s a taste of the culinary truths she graciously served up:

Myth 1: Searing Meat Seals in Juices

The sizzle of meat hitting a hot pan can be music to the ears, but contrary to popular belief, this method doesn’t ‘seal’ anything. Searing creates a tantalizing crust through the Maillard reaction but doesn’t lock in moisture.

Myth 2: Cooking with Alcohol Burns All the Alcohol Away

While it’s true that some of the alcohol content evaporates, it doesn’t all disappear. Depending on the cooking time and method, a significant amount may remain, so it’s essential to keep this in mind for those who avoid alcohol for personal or health reasons.

Myth 3: Salted Water Boils Faster

Adding salt elevates water’s boiling point; however, the amount we typically add to pasta water isn’t enough to make a noticeable difference in boiling time. Salt is there for flavour, not speed.

Myth 4: You Should Wash Your Chicken Before Cooking

Washing chicken doesn’t cleanse away bacteria; it spreads it. Cooking the chicken to the proper temperature is what makes it safe to eat.

Myth 5: Adding Oil to Pasta Water Prevents Sticking

Oil in pasta water may keep the noodles from sticking and prevent the sauce from adhering to them. Stirring is the better strategy to cook the perfect pasta.

Myth 6: Microwaves Kill Nutrients

Microwaving can preserve nutrients better than traditional cooking methods, as it cooks food quickly without adding water.

Myth 7: Cast Iron Pans Are Hard to Maintain

Cast iron has a reputation for being needy but quite resilient. A good seasoning and some consistent care go a long way.

Myth 8: Dairy ‘Cools Down’ Spicy Foods

While it feels like dairy takes the edge off, it’s actually the fat content that helps. Fats dissolve capsaicin, the chemical that gives chili peppers their heat.

Myth 9: Forking Steaks Lets the Flavour Out

While excessive poking can cause juices to escape, a single check with a thermometer or fork won’t ruin your steak.

Myth 10: You Shouldn’t Use Metal Utensils on Nonstick Pans

Modern nonstick coatings can handle a bit of metal, though wooden or silicone utensils can prolong the life of your pan.

Chef Lisa’s insights highlight the importance of questioning what we’ve heard about cooking and encouraging us to learn the proper techniques. Not only does debunking these myths help us become better cooks, but it also enhances the joy we find in the kitchen.

To hear the full conversation and learn more about each myth, tune in to Episode 8 of “A Plateful of Insights” on Revive Wellness Radio. Chef Lisa’s cheerful voice and expert tips will add flavour to your culinary adventures.

Until next time, keep cooking with confidence and curiosity!

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Chef Lisa offers cooking sessions! Spend 2 hours with her in the kitchen and come out of the session with more knowledge and confidence to cook your favourite meals.

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