How many times have you seen this type of advertising in the past? The diet industry has strong marketing capabilities to lure us in, spending huge budgets to do so!

But after countless diets have claimed the same thing; are any of them really working?

Most of our clients turn to us after trying a multitude of other programs. Programs that can cause harm to our body.  Many tend to turn to weight loss programs first and nutrition experts second because they guarantee weight loss….but never weight maintenance.

It’s quick and easy but not permanent.

4 Me Diet

Here is the “diet” we propose for 2013.

The 4me Diet is not just a diet, but a lifestyle. Instead of calorie counting, cutting food groups and depriving yourself, let’s work together to create a diet where you get to pick and choose what foods you want to include, learn to control your cravings and understand why you are craving certain foods in the first place.

Let’s create a diet that works for you, makes you feel great, and empowers you to make the choices you benefit from!

Want to be vegetarian because it works for you? Great!

Want to cut wheat or dairy out of your diet? That’s ok too.

Want to try eating local, coastal, vegan, paleo, zone….

You get the point! We will find what pattern of eating works for you, created by you and doesn’t confine you to a label. Let’s make it the last diet you ever go on, and create a lifestyle.