SMART Goal Setting Worksheet

Setting goals, and reflecting on them daily, is one of the best ways to stay accountable and keep you on track.

We recommend your goals to be small and achievable (ie. realistic in your life right now) and not focus on larger outcomes. Small, realistic goals will create change over time. Here’s an example: If your goal is to run a marathon at the end of the year, and do not currently run, there are multiple steps you need to take to help prepare for your race. You may want to set a short-term goal and sign-up for a learn to run program within the next two months. You may also wish to register for a marathon at the end of the year so that you have a deadline in place to make it real. You will need to map out a running routine and some cross training to help you build up for the race. Mapping out all these items over the next year will ensure you are ready for the race.

Follow the steps in this resource to set SMART goals then go out there and crush them!