Move of the Month from SVPT: Fun with Kids

As summer winds down, everyone is on holidays and spending time with the family and kids. Kids can become a part of your fitness regime, and in fact, it’s great to set an example of making fitness apart of your everyday life.

Frisbee, tag or simply throwing a ball around is a great way to “Keep Fit and Have Fun”, as Hal and Joanne McLeod would say!

Another great way is adding in some friendly competition (kids can be great motivators). The line drill (you know the drills we all did in high school gym class), is fantastic for working the cardiovascular system.

You don’t need any special markers – rocks, cups, rolled up shirt. Aim to have them about 4-6 big steps apart, for 5 markers.

Keys to Success:
*for every set, be sure to change the direction you are facing
*you do not have to reach down and touch the marker