Planning a Consistent Workout Routine

We all have busy lives and as you embark on or continue your fitness journey, you can feel a bit overwhelmed at times, especially knowing that consistency is the key to success.  Without organization and planning, consistency can become a challenge.

Plan to succeed with some simple tips to make being consistent easier:

1.Have a workout plan and stick to it.  A workout plan can prevent you from wasting time– wandering around wondering what to do next. Also, by creating a journal specific to your exercise, you can keep track of workouts and see your progress.

2.If you are working out at home, organize your workout area by making everything you need accessible. Also make your workout area free of distractions, and only specific to exercise. Eliminate things that you feel will distract you – such as your phone or tv. Let it just be about you and your fitness goals.

3.Organize your closet or drawers to have an area specifically for workout wear. This makes it easier to find and grab your workout attire in a pinch. It might seem like a simple task, but how many times have you found yourself wasting time trying to find clothes to work out in.

4.If you are working out at a gym or other fitness facility, pre-pack your gym bag or stash extra gear in your vehicle, so you can head there right after work or on your lunch. Pack extra workout gear in case of emergencies, or just in case you forget to do it for the next day, because we know life happens.

5.Schedule working out like any other important appointment, and put it in your calendar, for the week ahead. If you are working out later in the day, set a reminder to go off 1 hour before so you can start preparing to get there, rather than being rushed at the last minute. If you are working out in the morning, get up a bit earlier, and set out your workout clothes the night before.

A little bit of organization can go a long way in saving time and stress.  Be organized and you will find consistency come a lot easier.


By Shara Vigeant, BA, NSCA-CPT*D, CFSC

SVPT Fitness & Athletics