The “For You” Diet

I am constantly asked; “what do you know about this diet, my friend lost 20lbs”… or “this diet guarantees 10lbs weight loss, do you?” As a dietitian it can be challenging to try to stay on top of the current diet trends.

Most of our clients turn to us after trying a multitude of other programs. Programs that can affect our relationship with food, our bodies and ultimately our health. Although I am unsure why clients tend to turn to weight loss programs first and nutrition experts second; I have a feeling it is because they guarantee weight loss (but never weight maintenance.) It’s quick and easy but not permanent.  As much as I would love to say we can guarantee weight loss, we cannot; everyone we work with reacts differently, and just because most of our clients are successful doesn’t mean we can generalize their success to the masses. I find the picture of success changes with our clients. It stops being about the weight and more about the journey.

Instead of focusing on how much weight you may feel you need to lose, try a whole new approach to eating and together we will create a lifestyle change, with you at the center.

For You Diet

Now I know what you’re thinking, she just said she doesn’t agree with diets, but we are never going to get away from the term, which actually can mean “way of eating” so if you can beat them join them.

The For You Diet is not just a way of eating, but creating joy though food. We will not be calorie counting, cutting food groups, depriving yourself, or telling yourself it’s good to be hungry. Together let’s create a diet where you get to pick and choose what foods you want to include, learn what foods and pattern of eating energizes and satisfied you, understand why you are craving specific foods in the first place. Let’s learn from our bodies and make adjustments.

Let’s work together to build trust in your body, honoring your hunger and fullness. Let’s create a diet that works for you, makes you feel great, and empowers you to make the choices you benefit from. You want to be vegetarian because it works for you, great! You want to cut wheat or dairy, that’s ok too. You want to be vegan but enjoy fish every now and then – awesome! You want to try eating local, coastal,  vegan, Mediterranean….we will find what pattern of eating works for you, created by you and doesn’t define you with a label.

Together let’s make it the last diet you ever go on, because together we will create lifestyle that evolves with you.


By Kelsey Hagen, Registered Dietitian

Revive Wellness Inc.