Where Your Food Comes From: The Organic Box

On a bright, sunny Saturday morning in 2009, Danny and Miranda Turner were on their way to the farmers market in Edmonton. This was a typical Saturday morning activity for them. They loved the farmers market because they believe that local, organic food is a delicious and healthy way to support producers and the environment. The farmers market was one of the few places local, organic products could be found. That same year, Danny and Miranda had two young sons. As anyone with young children will tell you, taking children to the grocery store is a big ordeal. There are strollers to maneuver, diapers to pack, and large crowds to navigate. Safe to say, Saturdays at the farmers markets were equally as stressful and tiring for this young family. Convinced that there must be an easier, less demanding way to obtain local foods, the Turners started looking, and what they found was disappointing. There was nowhere for them to go where they could purchase a wide variety of locally grown, healthy, organic foods with ease.

This is the story of how The Organic Box came to be. It was started in 2010 by this young family looking to make eating local, organic food convenient and easy. The Organic Box is committed to sustainable, locally grown organic foods. Today, they are thriving with over 3,500 customers. Not only do they sell delicious, in-season fresh fruits and vegetables, but they also sell a wide variety of products including meats, eggs, dairy products, breakfast cereals, bakery items and snacks. Whenever possible, The Organic Box brings in food from local farmers and producers in the Alberta area. They also have producers from all over Canada and North America. As a company that values equity, they only work with suppliers who pay fair wages and provide safe working conditions for employees. Many of their suppliers are small, sustainable, family-owned and operated farms.



Purchasing foods from The Organic Box is easy, convenient and stress-free. You can register for a membership here. With a membership, you’ll be able to:

  • Decide how often you want to purchase,
  • What you want to purchase, and
  • Where you want your foods to be delivered

That’s right – The Organic Box will actually deliver groceries right to your door! They deliver to each area in the city once a week and where you live dictates your delivery day. For more details regarding the different regions they make deliveries to, click here. Once you sign up to get a box, you can customize exactly what goes intoit and how often you want it delivered. It can be delivered weekly, bi-weekly, or however else you like. Standard boxes can be ordered; however, what you receive will change from week-to-week depending on what is available from producers. You can also go online and add or take away foods for a particular week.

The Organic Box is a fantastic program not only because it provides easy and convenient access to organic foods, but also because it supports local farmers and strives to connect the consumers to the producers. With giant supermarkets and food being flown in from all over the world, it’s easy to forget about how food is grown and where it comes from.

Give The Organic Box a try next time you’re looking for fresh, convenient and delicious foods!

The Organic Box
Telephone: 780-469-1900
9764 47 Avenue NW
Edmonton, Alberta, T6E 5P3