10 Ways to Keep the Weight Off This Fall

Summer activity is waning and as the cold weather approaches, we spend less time outside and more time curled up and cozy. Unfortunately, the combination of decreased activity and increased food intake can result in extra winter pounds. Here are our top 10 tips (in no particular order) for keeping weight off this fall.

1. Don’t Drink your Calories

‘Tis the season of pumpkin spice lattes, but those warm and comforting fall drinks can contain the calories of a whole meal. Keep specialty drinks to an occasional treat and order them half sweet and hold the whip. Try a new flavour of tea or hot water with lemon if you are looking for a hot drink to sip.

2. Comfort Food

As the temperature drops, we tend to move away from salads and summer fare and migrate towards hearty and comforting foods likes soups, stews, and casseroles. Keep in mind these dishes can be very carbohydrate heavy. Count these mixed dishes as your grains or starch at mealtime and add extra vegetables on the side.

3. Keep up the Exercise

New classes and activities often start in the fall. Try something new this fall to keep up the exercise and activity, or look for an indoor walking track if the weather is not co-operating!

4. Tracking & Journaling

As we enter a new season, how we feel about food and our eating habits can change and shift on us without us even noticing. Track your energy, food and beverage intake and activity so you can reflect back on your goals. You may be surprised what you discover about yourself!

5. Don’t be a Hermit

If the snow flies I usually want nothing more than to curl up on the couch with a movie or my favourite Netflix show. Bundle up for the weather and head outside for a quick walk to get the blood flowing. When it’s brisk out, a breath of fresh air is invigorating!

6. Plan your Meals

Fall and winter is a great time to try new recipes with seasonal produce like squashes and root vegetables. The price of produce increases during our Canadian winters, so planning out a weekly menu will also help reduce food waste and save a little extra money.

7. Schedule in Self-Care

Returning from summer holidays and getting into the back to school and work routine can be a rude awakening. At the start of each week, commit to scheduling time for self-care. Make this your chance to exercise, journal, or meditate. Don’t leave yourself as the last priority as you will have less energy to pour into those around you.

8. Ignite your Motivation with Goals

Choose a new goal for yourself this fall and winter – whether it is exercise-related or a personal development goal. Keep yourself accountable and schedule your commitments as appointments. This will help you stay on track and get out of the house!

9. Hydration

We still need to stay hydrated even in the colder months even when a glass of cold water is not very appealing. If you are thirsty, your body will often give you a ‘put something in my mouth’ signal. Instead of reaching for a snack or a calorie-laden beverage, start with a glass of water or try hot water with lemon.

10. Mind the Holidays

I hate to say it, but Thanksgiving, Halloween, and Christmas will be here before we know it. The treats and extras can easily get out of control at these events, so set goals and boundaries during the holidays. Still eat a balanced plate at meals and limit yourself to only 1 or 2 of your absolute favourite treats.


Comment below and let us know how you stay active and healthy during the winter!