Food Shaming, Diet-ism and Dietitians

Diet-ism: the assignment of morality to a specific way of eating and an intolerance of “different” diets.

We will be honest – we have experienced this as health professionals on more than one occasion. Wide-eyed surprise when we order a burger rather than a salad while at a lunch with friends, or a passive joke around a choice of eating a dessert at a potluck. We know people do not mean to do this with a malicious intent, however, food shaming and diet-ism has become a run-of-the-mill conversation topic that has become socially acceptable. We live in a world that has never had this level of attention placed on food choices and fad diets than ever before. Orthorexia, defined as obsessive behavior in the pursuit of a “healthy diet,” is running rampant among our generation.

Learning to remove guilt and judgment around food choices is essential in the journey of restoring our relationship with food.

This has been a response to Mind Your Own Plate | Food Intolerance And Diet Shaming of Others’ Food Choices, an article by Abbey’s Kitchen.

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